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Dwayne's Testimonials

Dwayne's Ratings & Reviews on Zillow.

Couldn't have been better. Great communicator, negotiator, handled a raft of details and coordination with aplomb. Helpful with advice, but never pushy.

D. Boss

Dwayne Rocks! Being a newbie in real estate, his kind and thoughtful approach helped guide me through the experience. I'm forever grateful for his patience and wisdom, not to mention his vast experience in Portland area real estate.

R. Cooper

I was really pleased with Dwayne & team's handling of the sale of my condo. I contacted him to list it just as the local market was slowing. His recommendations for our sales approach were clear, honest & no-nonsense. Communication with Dwayne & Shelby was always simple & quick. There was never a delay in getting things done. As someone with a bit of real estate-phobia, I can heartily recommend Dwayne as someone who can take stress out of the process.

S. Laing

We were incredibly lucky to find Dwayne for our Buyer's Agent in Portland. He was immediately responsive, invested significant personal time and effort in teaching us about Portland and prioritizing target areas for home purchase. Dwayne is well-connected in the business, and always on the lookout for potential property matches, even if they are whispers of possibilities, especially in a market with low inventory. We found Dwayne to be of high integrity, always honest and straightforward - and was patient and supportive to ensure we were comfortable with our decisions. He was a great partner for us, and never gave up on finding the right property, even with some disappointments along the way. Dwayne is also very personable, is a great advocate for Portland - and we also had fun!

R. Tate

During the height of the summer real estate season, Dwayne helped me find and purchase a wonderful townhouse. Throughout my search, which had its twists and turns, Dwayne was a Rock of Gibraltar, always calm and optimistic. Even after my move-in, Dwayne has continued to help me make this house a home, with great recommendations when I needed services. Work with Dwayne! He's fabulous.

R. Dobkins

Dwayne is probably one of the best Realtors we have ever worked with. He was extremely helpful during the entire process and his help didn't end at closing. He continued to assist us with a variety of issues well after the transaction closed and being an out-of-state buyer his help was invaluable to us.

C. Couto

Dwayne is exceptional to work with. Prior to listing he gave us several suggestions to help the house show well, which we followed. He also held an open house for colleagues prior to listing which helped in pre-marketing the house. When the listing was activated Dwayne spent the entire weekend  working, holding an open house on both Saturday and Sunday. I can't thank him enough for the good work he did. I highly recommend working with Dwayne and his team.

J. McVittie

Bought a lovely little home in SE PDX with Dwayne's help then, four years later, he sold it for me. I have been more than happy with his service, knowledge, and availability. And... He's Good People!


I have worked with Dwayne on three separate real estate transactions. Dwayne has a realistic, common sense approach to doing business. He has always kept our best interest in mind. I trust Dwayne.

D. Torrence

Dwayne was an excellent realtor. He helped us find a condo and when we did, helped us to get an excellent price on it. He also helped us sell our house. We were traveling in the in SE Asia and he set it up so that we could sign all of the documents we needed online with Docu Sign. The sale of our  home was not without problems and Dwayne guided us through all of it. We were extremely pleased with his professionalism and thoroughness.

R. Casperson-Moody

Dwayne was prompt and professional! He went beyond the necessary duties and negotiated with Fannie Mae that was extremely helpful.

If I ever purchased another house (which I won't!), Dwayne would be my agent.

R. Hovig

Jeff's Testimonials

Jeff's Ratings & Reviews on Zillow.

Jeff was awesome in every way I could imagine! He deftly guided me through the initial preparation stage; was mindful and present throughout the on-ground search; and fantastic and detailed oriented throughout the offer and post-acceptance phase. I didn't have asked for a better buyer agent in Jeff!

R. Luong

Jeff was a pleasure to work with. He gave his personal attention to helping us navigate the real estate market - 2018! He was responsive and understanding to our stresses to moving after 19 years. I highly recommend working with Jeff Hurder when buy and / or selling your home.

M. Keith

Working with Jeff was great! As first-time home buyers, we had a lot to learn and Jeff was patient, understanding and very thoughtful throughout the process. He carefully answered all our questions and went to some effort to answer anything he didn't know. He was also very accommodating of our schedules and needs; the process went much more smoothly than we expected. We are glad we had Jeff as our representative during the experience of buying a house for the first time.

M. Chong

 Jeff was so patient with us. My wife and I thought we knew what we wanted but after all was said and done, we ended up with something completely different...and we are so happy about it! Jeff never made us feel like we were wasting his time, he was always smiling and sharing in our excitement during our search, property after property. He provided us feedback and opinions when needed and when we asked, all while maintaining the focus of what’s in our best interest. Thanks for not getting annoyed with us Jeff!!! We appreciated all your help.

J. Hinkle

Jeff was very attentive and pressed for details regarding our ideal home so he could tailor our search in the most efficient manner. Though he had a number of other clients, we felt like his only one. He was very responsive and spent a great deal of time with us regardless of the time or which day of week it was. We never felt like our time was wasted as every property he showed us has "potential". We would definitely recommend working with Jeff if you need an energetic, professional realtor that has your best interest as his driving force.

K. Hurder

When I contacted Jeff, I had already pretty much decided on the condo I wanted, so his first task was to help me search for comparable units I might like better, or that would help us estimate the value of the unit I was interested in. Jeff had all the information for me immediately and helped me ingest it. Because I had already more or less settled on the unit I wanted before the process began, things went VERY quickly. It was a little overwhelming at first, and Jeff picked up on that and did a great job of slowing things down a little, helping me double and triple check my list of what I was looking for and how much of it was satisfied by the unit I was looking at, and in the end, that's the unit I got. I'm very happy with my purchase. And the process was quite smooth. The property management company our HOA hires is not exactly forthcoming or easy to work with, but Jeff remained diligent and managed to get all the information we needed to complete the purchase process in a timely fashion. I would recommend Jeff and his cohorts at The Agency to anyone looking for a home in Portland. They even helped me find a good painter and options for other contractors that might be able to help with the renovations I'd planned. Portland's market is pretty crazy. Jeff can help!

Chris P.

Jeff did an awesome job helping me buy a home. He guided me each step of the way. He was always extremely responsive and always helpful. He helped me negotiate and gave me sound advice. He is always cool and calm under pressure, practical, knowledgeable and professional. He has a great positive attitude and he truly represented me and my interests. I would recommend him to anyone who is on the market to buy a home. Thank you Jeff and your great team!

-William D.

Home buying is seldom fun and even more so when you live way across the country. Jeff was outstanding and made the process much smoother by being involved, responsive and knowledgeable. Overall a great experience and I would highly recommend Jeff as a partner in the home buying experience!

Charles R.

Michael's Testimonials

Michael's Ratings & Reviews on Zillow.

We have sold 4 homes, have interviewed and worked with several agents and had, by far the best experience with Michael. He is a brilliant real estate agent. His people skills, negotiating skills and analytical skills are so impressive. I enjoyed having Michael as our agent. He is a very nice man and he's well liked and well respected by his peers in the real estate industry. I came to the broker's tour that he held for our house and to another open house he held for another listing. It was very apparent that the agents that came through on both events genuinely like and respect him. He sold our house in 3 days! And the whole escrow went smoothly. He helped us get our house ready for the market. My husband and I both work full time and we needed him to take care of a lot of details. He ran with it, kept us very informed and in control, and executed the whole transaction flawlessly. We love this man and will use him for any real estate transaction we have in the future. I highly recommend Michael!

K. McWaid

I moved to the US from Europe five years ago and last year decided to look at buying a house. The process involved in purchasing a house in California is a little different from Europe. Even the jargon is different.  I was pretty nervous. This was a lot bigger than buying a car and I knew very   little about how to do that too!

I set out to find an agent who would be willing to patiently listen to and answer my multitude of questions. I wanted an agent who would listen to what I was looking for in a home. I didn’t want to feel pressured, I wanted as much as possible to enjoy the process.  I spoke with a few agents but my impression was that they just wanted to move me along without having to explain or clarify too much.

Then I found Michael McDonald. Michael patiently walked me through the whole process and clarified all and any issues that came up. Michael listens; he is informative, knowledgeable and works really hard to find what you are looking for in a home.  A process that had seemed daunting suddenly became a fun and very pleasant adventure.  I am now living in my new home; the only sad part is I don’t get to enjoy Michael’s company touring open houses every weekend!

Michael was helpful in every way above and beyond. He was extremely supportive and helpful throughout the whole process. He is a person of great integrity that you can trust to work for you in finding the home you want.  He clearly loves what he does and does a wonderful job. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael (particularly if you are a foreigner like me!)

Catherine M.

The best way to describe Michael is with the name, miracle worker.  I had my property listed with another broker, on and off for two years and must admit was getting a bit antsy. Michael reviewed the situation, saw the flaws in the older listing and relisted and sold the property for me after ONE   DAY at the full price.  Michael is a gentleman who knows his business and the territory and was efficient, communicative and a delight to work with. I cannot be more positive. 

I. Lubell

I’ve been through three real estate transactions with Michael, each of them unique and difficult in their own way. He guided us through the probate sale of my mom’s house, the sale of our house, and finally the purchase of our new house; all during a down real estate market. We were happy with the results in all cases, and we found Michael to be a highly knowledgeable and professional real estate agent who knows the local real estate market extremely well.

Repeatedly, Michael performed above expectations. He always communicated with us in an articulate and timely manner, and if a problem arose and he didn’t have an immediate solution, he researched it until he either had a solution or was able to present us with options. On numerous occasions, he eagerly and cheerfully drove us to look at houses in an outlying city, and in the process, learned the details of that area’s local real estate market that resulted in the very satisfying purchase of our new house.

None of this would have been possible without the TRUST we learned to place in Michael, not only on a professional level, but as a caring, thoughtful and empathetic human being who had our best interest at heart. 

S. & J. Ellis 

Michael McDonald is a closer.  He took our house into a soft real estate market and marketed it brilliantly.  We ended up with an auction, with several bidders vying with each other.  The outcome was very favorable to us, netting us a price that many would have thought to be unrealistic.  Beyond that, he knows the ins and outs of the very complex real estate law and procedures, staying on top of intricate offers and counteroffers.  Throughout he maintained great patience, explaining with clarity all the steps we needed to take and the business implications.  The sale of our house was handled very professionally.  I recommend Michael unreservedly.

J. Esposito

Michael worked with me – patiently and diligently – for over 3 years. As my quest to find the perfect house faced challenge after challenge, Michael remained consistent and positive. I grew to trust his insight and knowledge while making important decisions for my future. He is professional, resourceful, honest and very kind. I recommend Michael to all my friends and know that his experience and love of the work speaks for itself.

K. Stoll

I am writing to offer my unqualified support for Michael McDonald as your next realtor.  My wife and I worked with Michael for months of indecision, sticker shock, and apathy through the selection, negotiation, and purchase of our home.  Michael’s knowledge of the real estate market- its trends, peculiarities, neighborhood profiles, and hot pockets – is matched only by his perseverance, warmth, assiduity, and patience.  Throughout our time working together, Michael made several astute recommendations about different homes, neighborhoods, and communities, but never pressured us to consider something that made us uncomfortable.

Having purchased a number of homes before this one, I know how unusual it is for a realtor to dedicate so much of his/her time and energy and resources to working with clients and not rush their decision making.  Michael realizes and values how important this decision is in his clients’ lives and futures, and respects them enough to allow them to make this decision in a prudent, timely, and thoughtful manner.  For this, we will be forever grateful.

We are so pleased to have selected Michael to represent us in the purchase of the home where we will raise our two children.  He is kind, generous, funny, and exceedingly knowledgeable.  Considering we recently moved to the area, we consider ourselves fortunate to have found a realtor with such character, integrity, and generosity.  I don’t think we could have gone through this experience without him.

Thank you, Michael!!!

P. Abram

I was anxious about selecting a realtor to represent my home of 35 years; I had absolutely no experience in selling real estate, and at the same time, a lot of family members to satisfy. It turned out that the decision was much like finding a soul mate, when it happened, I KNEW.

Michael was the fourth realtor I invited to appraise my home, and we bonded immediately over my new bathroom light fixtures. That may seem trivial to some, but to me it was an indication of the attention to detail Michael would bring to the sale. And it just got better from there.

He agreed with me that my listing price could be exciting at $50,000 MORE than the other agents suggested. He filed the paperwork that night, and I had an offer immediately. I wasn’t prepared to make a decision before the listing hit the market, but Michael guided me through a negotiation that brought me an ADDITIONAL $41,000—$91,000 MORE than the other three agents suggested to me!

The physical move was excruciating—my family lived and stashed in the house for its entire 35-year history. When I faltered at the end, my angel Michael was there for me with vacuum cleaner, kitchen scrubber, muscle, general problem solving, tissues and heart. He’s not only my real estate agent; he’s also my agent of comfort and support.

Could you ask for anything more?

M. Bilgere